Expöbike is a zero-emissions travelling exhibition system, completely configurable, reusable and covid-friendly.

A product by MAAY


An electric bike carries the exhibition within a bespoke foldable trailer

— A practical, emission free and noticeable solution.
— The bike and trailer become a portable ad while traveling
— Travelling by bike turn the exhibit into an event that help you promoting the exhibit across social networks and other channels
— The exhibit meets its target audiences easily and with a high impact level.

Expobike Isometric buit

The trailer unfolds into a medium-sized exhibit. 

– The box is built with FSC wood and recycled cardboard
– Folded, it measures 1,6×1,9×0,8 m
– Unfolded, it can measure more than 30sqm

Expobike Isometric v1

The message is expressed via tangible and interactive elements

The system allows diverse configurations and formats in a way to communicate the messages playfully and effectively:

— Interactive Infographics to explain complex concepts intuitively
— Big scale illustration
— Anaglyph games, images, and drawings
— Giant pop-ups
— Screen-based interactives

The content can be renewed!

Expöbike content can be changed as many times as you like.
The trailer is the exhibition support while the inside panels can be replaced with new content.

The box print can also be replaced, transforming the message traveling by bike.

We can help to transform your message into an interesting and engaging narrative as we are experts in public communication and creative design.

If you prefer, we can also provide you with the information needed to prepare the content yourself.



– The materials we use are FSC-certified wood for the box and "Reboard" cardboard -or similar- for the indoor panels.
– The format maximizes material efficiency and reduces emissions, by combining the exhibit and its transportation vehicle.

The bike

You can use your own electric bike provided that it has a powerful motor and a decent brake system.
We adapt the trailer to make it compatible with your bike.
If you do not have a bicycle, we can hire it to you.


- Folded, the standard box measures 160 (long) x 190 (high) x 80cm (wide) and can be adapted to other dimensions.
- Unfolded, the size varies depending on the number of panels required. It usually takes an area of ​​350 x 600cm (6 panels front and back ).

Technical requirements

- Access on foot or with ramp to the exhibition space.
- Door of a standard size to access interior spaces.
- When in outdoor use, we recommend storing it at night.
- The exhibition is suitable for outdoor use.
- Not to be used during high wind conditions.


One single person can ride Expöbike without any former experience.
Depending on the complexity of the exhibition, the time required for assembly and disassembly varies.
As a guide, it can take between 5 minutes for a simple exhibit or 45 minutes for a complex one.


The cost varies depending on the needs of the project.

Our Expöbike team can offer:
- Content development
- Graphic design of the panels
- Production
- Transportation and assembly at each location
- Electric bicycle rental
- Get more information at

Unfold a great message efficiently

Catch the attention with gamified content 

Renew the content whenever you need 

Get one

Buy it and customise it.
You can fix it to your own bike and store it in any room or storage. We help you think about the message and create the visuals.

Hire it during an event. 
We take care of the message, the graphic design and the transport with our own bike. 

Expobike grafica v1-01